"Tsukuru, there’s one thing I want you to remember. You aren’t colorless. Those were just names. I know we often teased you about it, but it was just a stupid joke. Tsukuru Tazaki is a wonderful, colorful person. A person who builds fantastic stations. A healthy thirty-sex year old citizen, a voter, a taxpayer — someone who could fly all the way to Finland just to see me. You don’t lack anything. Be confident and be bold. That’s all you need. Never let fear and stupid pride make you lose someone who’s precious to you."

— Haruki Murakmai, "Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrammage"




"How many categories is too many categories?"

Making decisions is hard. Making decisions on how to best display your work is real hard. I have been “kinda” working on a new site for over a year. Do you have a portfolio site? I’m not talking about a tumblr or a behance. Unless you’re going to be utilizing these platforms like Olaf BreuningSean Schumacher, or Jason Sturgill do. 

I’m talking about an actual site with thought behind it’s organization of your work (please note: it’s images of YOUR work, not images you found on the internet that you think are cool).

Lots of folks utilize existing tools like Squarespace, Cargo Collective, indexhibit, Virb, SiteLeaf, or 4ormat to showcase their work in a professional manner. These are all great and each have credentials that make them worth exploring. Custom sites built on Wordpress are also nice. Whatever you pick, I’d look into a custom domain and make sure you have good hosting. 

Bullet Point #PROTIPS

  • Show the work you want to be making. 
  • Let your work be the focal point. 
  • If you don’t do web design, don’t code your own site (unless you’re awesome at it and have the time). Outsource things you don’t want to do or you’re *not capable of. 
  • You want a site that isn’t a burden to update and allows you to make changes whenever you want.
  • Update your site with consideration. Monthly? Quarterly? Randomly (whenever you don’t have client work on your plate)?

I feel like I do a decent job of updating projects and blasting the web with new content, but I don’t think my work is always displayed as best as it could be. Especially in regards to accessibility for viewers to filter through various projects. 

With all of this in mind, I have been asking myself a lot of questions and seeking advice from my friend Cody. He is a very talented designer and is quite familiar with my work. AND he loves torturing himself by *overthinking every possible decision. 

Big moves I have been thinking about:

  1. Splitting up my work into two practices “art” and “client”—in a similar way to Cody Hudson or Geoff McFetridge have done for several yearls. OR having two completely different sites like my pal Ray Fenwick does (Art / Illustration). For now, I’ve come to the decision that my work is stronger when shown in it’s entirety. It’s more complicated/interesting this way. I think in the future as my art practice further develops, it might need to live on its own. 
  2. How big do you make yer pictures?! 1200px-1600px wide seems to be as large as you’d want to go (according to my friend). I’ve been hanging around 900px and feeling real lazy about changing all of those files.
  3. Landing page or “Splash” page. Seems like a thing of the past has made a recent comeback. I’m into it—but will be implementing a featured project section instead of a straight up splish-splash page. This way I get to have some big flossy photos upfront that shout “hey neato” but then a viewer could easily scroll down for a quick overview of my project buffet. 
  4. Filtering system. How are projects organized? The bombardment of the amount of work I show is the point (I think), but it would benefit me (potential clients) if it was broken down into more digestible bites. Or snack stacks. So I will be implementing several categories to filter projects. I also plan on archiving older work and condensing some pieces into more broad overviews, i.e. “lettering” “identity” “patterns” (picture me saying these terms with air quotes).

So when is this gonna be ready? I dunno. Why am I posting about this? That I really don’t know. For some reason I had an urge to treat tumblr (this blog) like a xanga page and write about my feelings. But, I also teach and will likely share this with my students. (Hi students!)

Perhaps my woes of *grad school are wearing off. I might even go read a book now. One with words, not just pictures. 

Wait a second. Did you really read all of this? Wow. If you’re wanting something more critical to read, I recommend this artnet article on instagram and art theory, The Ways of Seeing Instagram by Ben Davis. Very interesting read.


Cody hasn’t had an updated portfolio site in what seems like a decade. Does this make me an idiot for trusting him? Nope. Just because he can’t make decisions about his work, doesn’t mean he’s not filled with great ideas about my work. 

There are times to learn new skills! Doing heavy web lifting isn’t a skill I wish to have—unless I didn’t have to go through the process of “learning” and messing up and getting frustrated over and over and over and over. Code makes me sleepy.

In regards to over thinking here’s a link to my MFA tumblr filled with diaristic entries on spazzing out. 

Last note: I’m not an authority on this :) these are thoughts of a simple Rad Dad. 

"What most people consider being “responsible,” —a stable job, avoiding risk, maintaining a level of security, following the rules—isn’t being responsible at all. This watered down version of responsibility requires us to abandon our talents, our unique thoughts and beliefs, and our remarkable souls— in order to become small beige shadows of ourselves. That’s not being responsible. It’s being afraid. Afraid of your talent and opinion and your own power. The world needs what you’ve got— your point of view, your light and your shameless bravery. The world needs more YOU."

Cubicle Activism

"It’s not caused by anything, it’s just there," he said. "It waits. It lays in wait for the time when you think, ‘It’s fine now, I’m OK.’ Then, the next thing you know, it’s not OK. Then you realize, ‘Where am I? I didn’t realize I was in Cleveland.’"

Robin Williams Dead: Beloved Actor Dies In Apparent Suicide



As some of you might already have guessed, I’m a fan of Japanese girl idols. One of the many, many idol groups in existence today in Japan is NMB48, a Osaka-based spin-off group of the (in)famous AKB48. NMB has a weekly show that’s surprisingly entertaining as well as educational called NMB to…



Favourite work of the week, amazing food photography with a space narrative twist!

Endless Books: 8 Weeks
- Dina Belenko

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I’m very very late ! ê___ê’

Here some pics of my children book”The little Red Wolf” ! :>

Now available in french bookstore and on amazon (the picture of the book on amazon is very very ugly but the book look really better for real…ù__ù) !




Disney Princesses as sloths.


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"I don’t believe cities are created by great urban designers,” Hara says. “Cities are made by the desires of people."

— An interview with Kenya Hara — design theorist, art-director of Muji and director at Nippon Design Center — for The Japan Times.